Business Meetings & Annual Reports

Business Meeting
Standing Rules

  1. The President shall preside as chair at all official business meetings held at the conference.
  2. The official language of the conference is English.
  3. Members are expected to arrive and be seated at least five minutes prior to the opening of any business session.
  4. Any voting member in good standing may submit motions and/or resolutions.
  5. Motions or resolutions must be submitted in appropriate written format: motion, the maker, the  second, and the rationale, a fiscal impact statement (if any), and local contact information. The maker of the motion/resolution shall provide a rationale for the proposed action along with the submitted motion/resolution. Historical perspective, for member information, may be offered. All motions and resolutions may be referred by the President, with the advice and consent of the Board, to an appropriate committee(s) or task force (s) for review. The committee will be responsible for reviewing each motion or resolution in light of previous, present and future responsibilities and charges of the committee, the direction of the association, fiscal impact, board opinion and committee recommendations. The committee/task force chair(s) will report the recommendations of the committee. In accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order (see page 229 of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised 10th Edition), motions and resolutions not considered or completed at conference die.
  6. If the business meeting agenda shows time for motions discussion at the end of the business meeting, any member in good standing may participate in discussion by approaching the designated location in front of the association, being recognized by the chair, and stating name, state of residence, and whether the member is “in support,” or “in opposition,”. To indicate a point (order, question, information, clarification) members are to indicate such from the designated location, be identified by the chair, then state the nature of the point. A maximum of six members (3) in support and (3) in opposition of the motion/resolution on the floor, may debate each debatable item.
  7. Each member is allowed a maximum of two minutes for debate. A member may be recognized a second time to address the same issue, only if there are no other members desiring recognition to address the issue on the floor and the maximum number of speakers has not yet been reached.

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Annual Reports

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