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The mission of the CODA Memorial Fund is to honor the memory of hearing individuals with Deaf parents, who have passed away.  Donations are also welcome in memory of those persons (hearing or Deaf) who have been supporters of CODA International, whether or not they are from Deaf parented families.  Donations made to the Memorial Fund are specifically used to provide waivers to Codas who would like to attend a CODA International Conference.  This would provide financial support to Codas who find the associated cost of the Conference registration fee a barrier to their ability to attend.

A virtual Memorial Room is maintained on the CODA International web site where all persons honored through donations are named.  A minimum donation of $25.00 USD is requested.  Once the information form and the donation have been received, the honoree’s name will be added to the list on the web site.

The information form and donations to have a person recognized through the Memorial Fund can be accessed through the CODA International web site (  Payment is preferred through the website or by mailing the completed form with a check made out to CODA International at the following address:

CODA International Memorial Fund
41041 Trimboli Way #1788
Fremont, CA  94538-4832

Persons who have been honored through the Memorial Fund during the year prior will be recognized during the annual CODA International Conference.

In order to prepare the information needed for the presentation made at the annual CODA International Conference, the following items need to be submitted prior to June 1:

1)  The donation via the website
2)  The information form via the website
3)  A photo of the person being honored (Optional)

Photos for the presentation should be submitted to
Donations, information form and photo(s) received after the June 1st deadline will be included in the presentation developed for the following year’s Conference.

Thank you for your support and interest in CODA International and the Memorial Fund.

Diane Hazel Jones and Dennis G. Joyce, Co-Chairs
CODA International Memorial Fund

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