Who works for CODA?

CODA is a volunteer led organization. The Board is always looking for volunteers from the membership to support various aspects of the group. Email info@coda-international.org to volunteer today!

What are the various capacities I can volunteer?

Committees that make CODA go! Committees include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Elections – Handling all facets of the annual Board elections to include call for nominations, verification of nominees, ballot dissemination, and tabulating voting results.
  • Publications – Responsible for editing all CODA publications to include the newsletter, website, formal letters, conference information and programs, and yearbook.
  • Social Media – Explore use of a variety of social media for CODA communication.
  • Governance – Responsible for creation and updates of Policy & Procedures, Board Handbook, Conference Manual, Strategic Plan.
  • Web – Administer the CODA International Web site that enjoys over 99.75% uptime and almost 20,000 visitors in the last year. Publish approved content to the website, which is also cross-posting to Facebook and Twitter. Setup our online registration form for use by members when registering for a conference.
  • Millie Brother Scholarship Fund – Recruit, review applications and award full/partial scholarships to deserving Coda applicants.
  • Memorial Fund – Upon receipt of donations in memory of loved one, this committee sends thank you notes to the donors, family acknowledgement letters, and posts names on CODA virtual memorial wall.
  • KODA – Provides oversight and the allocation of funds raised to help support activities and events related to KODA.
  • Membership – Maintains membership database, handles membership related inquiries and disseminates CODA related information to members.
  • Fundraising – Present model for Board members to review and provide assistance on fundraising initiatives.
  • Archiving – Research possible solutions for housing CODA documents and artifacts.
  • Affiliates – Responsible for discussing the structure of our organization at an international level and making decisions about how CODA organizations can become affiliates of CODA International.
  • Strategic Planning – Planning the goals and direction of CODA International is an important and essential function to the future of our organization.
  • Logo – Oversees correct usage of the CODA International logo and Trademark.

I want to donate to Coda International. How do I do that?

  • CODA International is classified by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information regarding tax-deductible donations please visit: www.irs.gov
  • To make a donation to Coda International, please click here: Donation
  • If you purchase through smile.amazon.com you can select – “Children of Deaf Adults” as your preferred charity & help the organization raise funds for a variety of options such as – Kodas, outreach, conference waivers plus much much more!!

Conference FAQs

  • What is the conference for?
    It’s about giving/sharing information, meeting new people, raising awareness and sharing experiences. Its easy going and you can get involved as little or as much as you want.
  • Who can attend the conference?
    The conference is open to all Codas over the age of 18, Hearing Individuals who have one or both parents with some degree of Deafness. You can bring someone with you if you like and they can make use of the conference venue facilities like the spa and golf course and some of the conference activities including the pre and post conference actives and the bazaar but they wouldn’t be able to participate in the structured program that begins Thursday evening and ends Sunday lunchtime.
  • Do you have to use Sign Language?
    You can use Spoken or Sign Language, which ever makes you comfortable, just be conscious that not everybody will use your spoken or signed language.
  • It’s my first conference any advice?
    Our volunteers, presenters and organizers are there to support you. Any questions or concerns just ask and we will be happy to help. There is also a Newcomers orientation that we suggest you attend as well, where you can be assigned a buddy!
  • I can’t afford the Conference Fee, what can I do?
    CODA International offers a financial aid stipend for conference. In order to facilitate those requesting support coming from countries outside of the host country, conference financial aid requests must be received and support finalized early to aid in securing Visas, etc. You may contact the current conference committee by email for more information on financial aid stipends.

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CODA International is a private organization maintained and governed by CODA International members. Codas being persons who have one or more parent with a demonstrable and verifiable hearing loss. Non-Codas interested in becoming Supporting Members are encouraged and highly welcomed. Persons joining as a voting member or registering for CODA International conference or specified events, found to be non-Coda will automatically have their status changed to Supporting Member and any dues or fees paid to CODA will be forfeited. The privacy and security of all registered members is a top priority for the purpose of admittance, denials, and revocations.

CODA International is not responsible for non-affiliated social media accounts which may not be a direct representation or share the beliefs of CODA International.