Children of Deaf Adults, INC. 

CODA celebrates the unique heritage and
identities of adult hearing
individuals with deaf parent(s).

Dear CODA International Members:

The 2015 - 2016 Board of Directors is announcing a Call for Bids to host the 2018 CODA International Conference. 2018 hopes to be a milestone year for the organisation as we celebrate our 35th Anniversary.

Proposals must be submitted in writing no later than 9th June, 2016, two weeks before the start of the 2016 CODA International Conference in Austin, Texas. Submissions must be sent via email to the Executive Board at 

To be considered to host the conference, the proposal must include the following information; 

·       Geographic location

·       Accessibility for travelers to major forms of transportation 

·       Plan to identify and select actual hotel/conference center facility based on Board guidelines and requirements

·       Composition and Experience of Host Organising Committee 

·       Acknowledgement of cost maximum limits for registration and accommodations 

·       Budget plan

·       Any other information/incentives that would convince the Board to accept the proposed location. 

We would like bidding groups to present their bid to the full Board of Directors and be available to address any further questions during our Annual Face-to-Face meeting in Austin, Texas. If you are not able to attend in person, there is the possibility of presenting the bid via video conferencing software. 

For further details and prior to submitting your application, please review the CODA International Conference Manual.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Best Regards, 

Summer, Jennifer, Robin & Ray
Executive Board of Directors 2015 - 2016

Call for Bids: Host 2019 Conference

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